SexExtra, Read All About It

Getting more from you sex life is an important aspect of sexual health, even if you are single.

I do not want to advocate the use of toys as a substitute to real love but if you are looking to spice up your sex life then there are a number of things you can do.

Role play is a very exciting exercise and can be performed with confidence by dressing up in a different sexy costume and enacting out characters that would lead to exploration of each others bodies and can lead to very exciting sex. The use of very sexy lingerie for her is essential too in getting the mood set, I think all woman know how to be sexy without me telling them. I love to dress up and always feel more confident in sexy revealing undies. sexy lingerie shop uk

The use of toys is another aspect of spicing up you sex life and the range of these is phenomenal, from vibrators vibrators


To vibrating egg devices eggs

There are also many other products you can buy and its worth your while perusing just to see what you think might be your niche.
I know some people are into bondage and BDSM but this is a very different realm, I have tried it and liked it but its not my thing for every time, once in a while does me!

Aphrodisiacs and other stimulants are also an aid and can be used together or as a single person to heighten your experience. aphrodisiacs

As a single person from time to time I obviously have the same needs as most girls and boys and I have bought this for my own use my favourite toy

If you want to see pics of how to use this vibrator post me a reply!

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